Over the last two decades, and through more than a hundred projects, HILARY SKEWES & CO has established itself as one of the best musician contracting businesses in London. Hilary’s initial experience as a professional cellist exposed her to the finest musicians that London has to offer. She has built on those connections to develop a network of the best UK musicians in every style and genre, and she creates extraordinary hand-picked ensembles for every score she works on.

For HILARY SKEWES & CO, the best fixing is about:
• bringing together musicians who still share a love of the medium in which they work.
• using musicians who still perform in every possible circumstance, not just in a session environment.

• matching musicians to the character of the composer: people you will enjoy working with, who will encourage you in your musical expression, and bring out the best in your music.
• hand-picking the most talented individuals from all the major UK orchestras and the best chamber ensembles.
• reviewing established players constantly and bringing in the new generation of top players to bring vibrancy to the recording studio.

This commitment to excellence combined with organisation, efficiency and flexibility guarantees an immensely positive recording experience and results in an outstanding realisation of your score. London is a world-class recording centre. The studios and musicians are second-to-none, and we offer attractive buyout rates and incredibly quick recording times, which makes us more than competitive with other European recording locations.

Contact us at or +44 20 7727 2322 to request budgets and information for your next project.


HILARY SKEWES & CO runs a highly experienced and dedicated Music Coordination team based in London who cover all aspects of film music production.

They employ proactive budgetary management and contract administration throughout a project. Their extensive network of the best UK music professionals (programmers, orchestrators, arrangers, copyists, conductors, engineers etc.) is used to build strong and dynamic teams on London score recordings, providing the composer with the best possible support to bring the score to life.

Other coordination elements covered by HILARY SKEWES & CO include pre-records, sourcing on-camera musicians and specialist instruments, on-camera music playbacks, monitoring music synch issues on camera, actor coaching for musical skills, and any additional logistics such as hotel and transport bookings.

HILARY SKEWES & CO has a commitment to excellence which they apply to any production on which they work, whatever the size or format.

Please get in touch at or +44 20 7727 2322 for more information and a budget tailored to your project.